• For Immediate Release
  • Contact: Celeste Zotto
  • December 11, 2019
  • Phone 321-626-1184
  • celeste@guneye.com
Palm Bay, FL – GunEye LLC is pleased to announce it’s newest product, The GunEye SMART HD 360IR Camera.  The guneye is versatile for many uses as self-protection, track shooting proficiency and recreational sporting activities. “The potential applications of this product are truly amazing,” says Larry Lopata, CEO at Gun Dynamics.  From home defense, all the way to potential uses by law enforcement, we are truly excited about this new technology.” This innovative gun camera attaches to the gun rail with a unique Secondary Sighting System ™ technology that connects it directly to your smartphone wirelessly.  See your target before they see you…. Minimize your exposure …… Stay safely behind cover while aiming your gun around a corner or wall.  GunEye has engineered their Smart HD Camera to include an advanced integrated infrared IR illumination night vision system, image sensors, audio and video live stream recording, an easy to use interface, and a rechargeable battery. All these cutting-edge technology features fit in the palm of your hand with a small compact configuration platform delivering powerful advantages. Currently, we are looking for distributors in the USA and Canada.  Please contact us as soon as possible for representation opportunities. Please visit our website www.guneye.com and see our promo video.  Hope to see you at the 2020 Shot Show in Vegas!  Thank you! The GunEye Team!