GunEye Update – Pre-orders will be going into production in January 2024.  Thank you for your patience!

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We started this quest to produce the best weapon mounted gun camera on the market.  Our journey began in 2018 here in Central Florida.  Many things brought the two of us together, but the knowledge that this product will save lives and incorporate the latest technology even for Law Enforcement applications and Home/Self Defense.  Our names are Celeste Zotto and Steve Kraft of Brevard County Florida where we reside.  We want to manufacture in the USA and Florida the highest performing, most ruggedized, innovative weapon mounted gun camera in the USA.  That is our goal.

GunEye™ has developed the new innovative GunEye-HD360 IR  Smart HD Weapon Mounted Gun Camera optic device with a unique Secondary Sighting System™ technology that links a gun directly to a mobile phone using our GunEye Target App. The advantage of this technology platform provides you the capability to aim a gun around a corner or wall and see your target displayed directly on a mobile device with the option to enable real-time video and audio recording, while simultaneously staying protected behind cover. The GunEye HD Smart Camera enables you to get the vantage point on your target!

GunEye has engineered their Smart HD Weapon Mounted Gun Camera to include an advanced integrated infrared IR illumination night vision system, image sensors, automatic audio and video recording, digital image processing architecture, an easy to use interface, and a rechargeable battery. All these cutting-edge technology features fit into the palm of your hand with a small compact configuration platform delivering powerful advantages. The GunEye is versatile for many uses such as self-protection, to track shooting proficiency, and for recreational sporting activities. Also, the GunEye provides the ability to record an event for accuracy and prevent false accusations in an altercation.

The GunEye company was founded in 2017 with the mission to delivery high quality products and applications that incorporates incredible advanced technology features for our customers. GunEye is located in Melbourne, Florida. The company has cultivated a culture that encourages solid communication, alignment, and collaboration for successfully achieving its’ business goals among the GunEye Management Team.

GunEye LLC is a woman owned small business with a patented product as of July 2019, US Patent #10,323.904B1, 11,407,711 B!, D865,107 S.