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GUNEYE is a Product Manufactured by GUNEYE, INC:

GUNEYE has developed the new innovative GUNEYE-HD360 IR Smart HD Gun Camera optic device with a unique Secondary Sighting System technology that links a gun directly to a mobile phone using our GUNEYE Target App. GUNEYE has integrated advanced digital image processing architecture, image sensors, infrared night vision, an easy- to- use interface, and a rechargeable battery into our product. This cutting-edge technology platform powers our GUNEYE Smart HD Gun Camera. The GUNEYE is versatile for many uses such as self-protection, to track shooting proficiency, and for recreational sporting activities. Also, the GUNEYE system provides the capability to record an event for accuracy and prevent false accusations in an altercation.

Product Registration Information and Warranty Request Process:

The GUNEYE product has a warranty of one year (1) on all the parts and materials, from the original date of purchase within the United States of America. GUNEYE, INC. has the obligation in the event of any workmanship and/or materials defect during the one year warranty timeframe to repair or replace any defective part or product with a similar part or product at the sole discretion of GUNEYE. This WARRANTY does not cover any water or humidity damage, or any damage due to unreasonable use, extreme conditions or temperatures, and /or any alteration to the GUNEYE product. The warranty will be void, in the case of any water damage and any indicators that the GUNEYE product has been exposed to water internally, exposure to extreme temperatures, or if the outer casing assembly has been tampered with in any way.

Customers are required to complete the online GUNEYE Product Registration Form to activate the product Warranty. Customers need to create an online account and fill out all required information fields and submit the online GUNEYE Registration Form and Warranty activation located on the company website

The customer is responsible for the shipping costs to GUNEYE at GUNEYE Customer Service Center, 2412 Irwin Street, Suite 10, Melbourne, FL 32901 when sending the product back for assessment and/or repairs. You must contact GUNEYE Customer Service to assign for a Return Merchandise Authorization number (RMA#) to process returns and repairs. (Please see the GUNEYE Returns and Repair Information section.)

There is also a Warranty Claim/Repair Form that must be filled out online, printed, and sent along
with the product device and a copy of the purchase receipt by mail. Customers who have completed the Product Registration process on during the recent time of purchase for the GUNEYE Product have an option to avoid a sending copy of the purchase receipt when sending in a warranty claim, if all information is completed online. The GUNEYE product serial number must match with the serial number on the purchase receipt to validate the warranty terms and If you have registered your GUNEYE product online including the serial number, no purchase receipt copy is needed. The GUNEYE product Warranty is transferable.

Customers who have purchased the GUNEYE product inside the United State of America from authorized resellers should contact us to resolve any problem related to the malfunctioning of the GUNEYE product at 321-626-1184.

GUNEYE products can be exchanged for new products, in the case it cannot be repaired within the Warranty conditions and time period, and only after the product is assessed by our technical customer care support team. The exchange policy covers only defective products.

Customer Service Contact Information:

Product information or claims can be addressed through the GUNEYE WARRANTY online information section on

GUNEYE has a Customer Service department to assist customers with any questions or concerns that you may have on our GUNEYE product. If you have any questions, please call us toll free at 1-321-626-1184 or e-mail us at Customer calls and emails will be answered promptly. Our customer service team is available to support you. Thank you for purchasing our GUNEYE product!