GunEye Update – Pre-orders will be going into production in January 2024.  Thank you for your patience!

GunEye Weapon Mounted Smart HD Camera
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Technology Features & Advantages

Smart HD Weapon Mounted Gun Camera with Video App

This optic device attaches to the rail of a handgun to capture videos and connect to a user’s smartphone/tablet to display real-time imagery. The integrated features include an HD camera, infrared light, and recording capabilities for Android and iOS mobile platforms.

Secondary Sighting System

Provides advantage enabling users to see around corners and shoot a target with accuracy from behind “cover” using the visual image projected on mobile device.

Automatic Infrared Illumination Night Vision System

The infrared LEDs provide advanced capabilities with light detection and a range up to 40ft.

Compact Size

The Smart HD Weapon Mounted Gun Camera is smaller than other products on the market today and includes many additional unique technology features.

App Connectivity to Smart Devices

Android and iOS app: connecting camera to mobile device or tablet via Wi-Fi. Live stream video with auto or manual recording.