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Dated: May 20, 2021

GunEye -Straight Talk-GunEye LLC, Palm Bay, FL

Pick up an issue of any gun magazine today and you will notice some buzz words as Optic Ready, Gear Roundup, Red Dot Revolution, Fast Target Acquisition!! Looking at it from a viewpoint of a new manufacturer entering the optic world, GunEye Model 360IR Smart HD Gun Camera with S3 Technology will carve its niche quickly with our rollout in July 2021.

Each one of our dedicated engineers have exceeded the guidelines in our design to meet the rigorous demands of handgun and rifle use with our bottom rail mounted camera. GunEye LLC did not hire the engineers, we created them. This product development two years in the works has now produced the first of its kind-optic ready bottom rail mounted camera with S3 Technology.

We now have the ultimate sighting solution:

  • Smart HD Gun Camera with Video App
  • Secondary Sighting System
  • Auto Night Vision System
  • Compact Size
  • App Connectivity to Smart Devices
  • USB-C Audio and Video Download File Capability

Visual Control, Rapid Acquisition, Training Tool are just a few of the applications with GunEye.

With no other product like this coming to market, GunEye is changing the industry to serve the public better with this self-protection tool.